Hospice & Palliative Care

It is never easy to see our beloved pets’ quality of life decline. Healthy Pets offers hospice and palliative care to help ease your pet’s discomfort. This means that we provide medications to help pain managements in an end of life situation. We take the time to make sure that your pet and family are comfortable and supported with end-of-life care.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is defined as “the active total care of patients whose disease is not responsive to curative treatment. Control of pain is paramount. The goal of palliative care is achievement of the best quality of life for patients and their families.” Palliative care maximizes the pet’s quality of life while managing pain and discomfort. Providing palliative care treats the patient but not necessarily the disease. Examples of palliative care include appropriate analgesics and other pharmacologic agents, and nutritional support.

Hospice Care

With advancements in medicine and early disease detection, pets are living longer than ever before. Hospice is an area of practice devoted to pain management and emotional support for pets and their families as they face the pet’s final journey together.

Your pet is part of your family. It is this strong bond you have with your pet that motivated us to offer personalized hospice care as your pet’s life draws to a close. The process of losing a furry best friend can be devastating. You may not know your options for pain management or may not believe in euthanasia. Our team is dedicated to educating you about your options and designing a plan that maximizes your pet’s quality time. This time will also allow you to adjust and say goodbye.

We are here to help you through this difficult time by providing emotional support and education. You will also have peace of mind that your pet’s final days are quality ones. When the time comes to say goodbye, we will be there to support you in making tough decisions.

Our palliative and hospice care programs offer in hospital options to help make the last phase of your pet’s life full of love with minimal physical discomfort. Our team uses phone conferencing and medical treatment in our state-of-the-art facilities to provide:

  • Physical exams.
  • Nutrition counseling.
  • Comprehensive pain and quality of life management.
  • Chemotherapy and chemotherapy monitoring.
  • Constant review and monitoring of pain medication effectiveness and your pet’s treatment plan.
  • Private comfort rooms at our facility.
  • Referrals to support groups, grief counseling and pet memorialization services.

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